We intend to provide multi-disciplinary, research based knowledge, twenty first century skills, scientific, secular spiritual and humanistic values following learner centric approaches ensuring learner autonomy in a technology-enabled inclusive learning environment.

We assure our stakeholders to facilitate construction of knowledge through effective teaching and experiential learning, robust research and innovation, to disseminate such knowledge with the support of I.C.T and to apply our research based wisdom judiciously to the benefit of our students and knowledge society.

We take the responsibility for the learning outcomes demonstrated by our students with respect to cognition, volition and psycho-motor skills. We undertake quality assurance activities and remain in touch with the outside world of work so as to find out appropriate placement of our students.

We are committed to our students, institution, human values and excellence for which we keep on learning ourselves through different continuous professional development programmes in the direction of lifelong learning.

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