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First time in Jharkhand, NSU brings emerging skill training as part of their Graduate and PG Courses. Students can now get industry relevant training in the field of Data Science and Data Analytics in collaboration with Datamaze. Students can now jumpstart their careers with 100% placement assistance.

Data Science/Data Analytics/Business Analytics Course:


Think of the countless mobile phones and other connected devices in the world today. It is estimated that just by 2020, each person on earth will be creating 1.7 MB of data every second!!! With huge amounts of data being generated every second all around the world, the Age of the Data is here for sure. Data is considered the new oil. However, just like oil, data needs to be mined and cleaned for use. Data scientists do that. Data Scientists take raw/crude data and then extract/mine the relevant data from it through a variety of processes. They clean it and make sure it is ready for modeling. After creating the data model they implement various algorithms to find patterns in the data to gain insights. This helps them to react accordingly to the situation and also to forecast or predict possible outcomes to similar situations in the future.


The objective of the course is to make students get comprehensive knowledge and skill in Data Science. We cover the full range of skills and tools needed by data professionals to work in today industry.

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Course Duration 6 Months Years

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      Eligibility Criteria 
      Students from any background can take this course as everything will be taught from scratch. However, as data science deals with numbers and statistics, we would recommend it for people who love to work with numbers. 

    Career path you can choose after the course

    As the Data Revolution taking the world by storm, Data Science professionals have become the most sought after all over the world as there is a huge skill-gap. More and more organizations are turning data-centric and data professionals are in demand for a variety of roles. Some of them are as follows:

    • Data Analyst
    • Research Analyst
    • Junior Data Scientist
    • Big Data Analytics Specialist
    • Business Analyst
    • Domain Analyst Consultant
    • Data Visualiser
    • Data Engineer



    Sunstone Education University

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