Dear Friends,
I extend you a hearty welcome from the Admissions Centre of NSU!
Now that you are interested in pursuing your education in NSU, you have already made an auspicious beginning of your success story. Indeed your journey towards academic and professional success begins right here.
We understand that you have come to a very crucial part of your life where few of you have focused goals while some of you are feeling a bit lost in a maze of options.

It is exactly where we the NSU Admissions Centre step in to play a pivotal role.Right from taking care of your first visit to the campus, answering to your queries, offering career counseling till your final admission to the course, the admission centre of NSU drapes you in its warmth and professional support.
In order that you make the right choice of your discipline and select the most suitable professional Program that matches your intellectual inclination and aptitude ,we emphasize on furnishing you with all pertinent information promptly.
Further, Transparency is the hallmark of our admission procedures which will facilitate your smooth transition from one academic level to another.
Admissions Centre of NSU thus serves as a focal point for all admission related queries such as admissions status, Courses offered, duration of the Program and the like. Parents and wards can contact the centre which renders all possible help with the motto ?Any Time Help?.

So once in the care of NSU Admissions Centre till you gain admission approval and are snug in the fold of NSU Gurukula, the responsibility of ushering you into a new ambience remains our concern and you can rest assured. All you need to do is to take the first step and see how your path to dream destination of attaining a fruitful professional degree is paved to a bright future. Step in to NSU and ensure a life time of satisfying professional career.

Wish you good luck!

 Mr. Tanveer Alam


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