Higher education in India is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been emphasizing on outcome-based education, rather than the traditional exam-centric educational system which was followed in our country for centuries. In outcome-based education, the real learning outcomes of students are measured in an objective manner mainly to ensure that our higher education system is more accountable and quality-oriented.

The academics at NSU is designed towards providing the students a strong background in fundamentals, an ability to translate it to real life problems and a capacity to design, build and analyze different products, processes and systems. Guided by international best practices, the teaching-learning process ensures the development of Global Graduate Attributes as recommended by various professional bodies/societies. The academic process is Outcome Oriented and ensures development of desired skill set. Incorporation of courses from all areas, be it Humanities, Sciences, Management, Technology etc. ensures holistic development of graduates who understand the impact of their actions/ decisions on the society and environment.

Domain skills are complemented with soft skills and this together with knowledge of a foreign language gives NSU students an edge in the domestic and global market.



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