Bachelor of Science in Data Science

BSc Data Science is a 3 year full-time course that comes under the domains of Computer Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject that includes the use of Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and related aspects in order to understand the problem or phenomena with respect to a set of real-world data.



Course Fee 240000

Course Duration 3 Years

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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Bachelor of Science in Data Science


      Candidate must have passed 10 + 2 or equivalent examination from recognized board with Mathematics/ Mathematics & Statistics as compulsory subject with minimum 50% aggregate marks in any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts with Mathematics/ Mathematics & Statistics).


      Program Duration : 3 Years


      Course Fee: 40,000 per sem

    The career objective of a B.Sc in Data Science can vary depending on individual goals and aspirations. Here are a few common career objectives for someone pursuing a B.Sc in Data Science:

    1. Data Analyst: Utilize data analysis techniques and tools to extract valuable insights from large datasets, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions. Objective: To become a skilled data analyst capable of providing actionable insights to drive business growth.

    2. Data Scientist: Apply statistical and machine learning techniques to solve complex problems, build predictive models, and develop algorithms for data-driven decision-making. Objective: To become a proficient data scientist with expertise in statistical analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

    3. Data Engineer: Design, develop, and maintain data infrastructure and systems, ensuring efficient data collection, storage, and retrieval. Objective: To become a skilled data engineer capable of creating robust data pipelines and managing large-scale databases.

    4. Business Intelligence Analyst: Analyze data to identify trends, generate reports, and provide meaningful insights to support strategic business decisions. Objective: To become a proficient business intelligence analyst skilled in data visualization, reporting, and communicating insights effectively.

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