B. Sc in Physics (HONS.)

About the Programme

B.Sc Physics is a three-year undergraduate program comprising of theory and experimental courses mainly from Physics and few interdisciplinary courses from Mathematics Chemistry and Computer Science.

The program emphasises on the fundamentals of Physics while introducing modern concepts such as Quantum Mechanics and Relativity proceeding over to Classical Mechanics Electrodynamics taking forward the courses like Electricity and Magnetism Optics and Waves similarly Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

The mission of the programme is to lay a strong foundation in classical and modem physics. Through the course curriculum and the opportunities to conduct individual research and field trips the students get holistic all-round development. They will also gain expertise in lab work through ample practical sessions training them at conception design and fabrication of laboratory equipment.

The undergraduate degree programme paves a solid ground for students to further acquire mastery in physics concentration areas. The programme trains graduate to establish entry-level careers in the government and private sectors.

Course Fee 120000

Course Duration 3 Years

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B. Sc in Physics

B. Sc in Physics

      Course Fee 
      B. Sc (Physics) : 3 YEARS ; 20000/- Per Sem.

      Eligibility Criteria 
      XII with Science(PCM) with minimum 40% marks. 

    Career path you can choose after the course 

    • Research Associate
    • Statistical Investigator
    • Acoustic Consultant
    • Geophysicist
    • Nano-technologist
    • Radiation Protection Practitioner
    • Research Scientist
    • Researcher
    • Technician
    • Scientist
    • Physicist
    • Lecturer
    • Lab Supervisor

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