About the Programme

M.Sc Botany is a branch of biology that is focused on the scientific study of plant life. It covers an array of disciplines related with the study of various topics such as reproduction, chemical properties, plants, growth, algae and fungi, structure, development, evolutionary relationships among taxonomic groups and diseases.

Being a postgraduate botany course, the objective of this course is to produce intellectual and proficient botanists. It is done by this course through enhancing the abilities and skills of students for application of botany theories and expertise in the live problems faced by industry.

M.Sc. Botany course offers specializations to the students in the areas such as bryology, forestry, cytology, phycology, plant morphology, agronomy, plant systematic, ethnobotany, economic botany, phytopathology, horticulture, genetics, plant anatomy, lichenology, plant ecology, playnology, phytochemistry and palaeobotany.

Course Fee 100000

Course Duration 2 Years

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M. Sc in Botany

M. Sc in Botany

      Course Fee 
      M. Sc (Botany) : 2 YEARS ; 25000/- Per Sem.


      Eligibility Criteria 
      Graduation in B.Sc (Botany) with minimum 40% marks. 


    Career path you can choose after the course 

    • The graduates can go for many fields in botany such as Plant Taxonomy, Ethnobiology, Pathology, Palaeobolagy and Palynology, Plant cytology, Plant geneticists, Plant ecology, Plant Scientists and Weed Scientists etc.
    • Candidates who have advanced qualifications can pursue either an academic career in institutions as lecturers and professors or a scientific career in various scientific positions such as Plant Scientists, Weed Scientists etc.
    • They can also go and work as Researchers and as administrators.
    • They have also the option in Botanical Survey of India and other Government departments but only through UPSC exams.

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