About the Programme

M.Sc. in Mathematics is a two-year post-graduate programme designed to extend students knowledge and refine their abilities to solve complex problems accurately.

The programme comprises classical Mathematics courses as well as skilful training in modern computing facilities in both symbolic and numerical computations. M.Sc. Mathematics introduces students to a wide choice of modules in interesting areas such as coding theory fractal geometry and analytic theory operation research graph theory number theory etc. This programme also gives an opportunity for students to conduct independent researches in pure to applied mathematics computing cryptography etc.

Besides the programme focuses on propelling students numeracy skills and the ability to use mathematical concepts to the model the solution to financial mathematical problems. The programme also enables the students to develop the ability to consolidate and communicate mathematics logically and briefly in a variety of forms, Students who want to pursue higher education in the field of Mathematics can opt for PhD in the same discipline.

Course Fee 100000

Course Duration 2 Years

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M. Sc in Mathematics

M. Sc in Mathematics

      Course Fee 
      M.Sc. (Maths) : 2 YEARS ; 25000/- Per Sem.
      Eligibility Criteria 
      Graduation in B.Sc (Maths) with minimum 40% marks. 


    Career path you can choose after the course 

    1.Lecturer in mathematics
    2. Scientific officer (ISRO/DRDO/NAL) 
    3. Computer and IT
    4. General Management
    5. Data Science Modular (HCL/TCS/HDFC/Crayan Data) 
    6. Banking
    7. Statistical Research
    8. Operation Research
    9. Junior Research Fellow
    10. Mathematician
    12. Researcher / Scientists
    13. Statistical Investigator
    14. Research Associate
    15. Meteorologist
    16. Professor

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